• DSA, Web, Green Haines Sgambati official website

    Green Haines Sgambati – website redesign

  • DSA. Kate Keller Photography

    Kate Keller Photography – website redesign

    Client Review: I am very happy with the work that David did for me on my website. In the past, I had built my own website, but since I have no design background, I always felt it was lacking. This time, I knew exactly what I wanted, but I knew it would be impossible for me to achieve the look on my own. Thankfully, David understood my vision and was able to quickly pull everything together. I would highly recommend him!

    -Kate Keller

  • DSA, Web, Amato Law Office Official Webstie

    I designed and developed the Amato Law Office website.
    I am also currently managing their Google Adwords search network campaign.

    Client Review:┬áDavid Abrams developed and created our website at Amato Law Office, L.P.A. and did an outstanding job. David came to our office and met with the attorneys and staff and listened to everyone’s input on what we would like to see on our website. He then incorporated our suggestions into it. David created a first-class home page with graphics for our office.

    His guidance, knowledge and advice as to the content helped us immensely and created a competitive, eye-catching, informative website. You can tell right away that David is experienced, professional and really cares about the clients he serves. I would recommend him to anyone.

    -Nicholas T. Amato

  • DSA, Web, Valley Digital Services

    Valley Digital Services – website redesign

    I helped redesign the Valley Digital Services website as well as improve the SEO optimization. I wrote a weekly blog for them while working as a content manager and assisted with their social media managment.

    Client Review: David has a high skill set particularly with web design and graphic design and he has developed his social media marketing proficiency with some of our products demonstrating blogging and social writing capabilities.

    -Jack GrDic, General Manager WFMJ